Retained as appropriate for project.  BASIN maintains excellent working relationships with a select group of discipline professionals including architectural historians, paleontologists, soil scientists, scientific and technical photographers, and so on.

DAVID G. De VRIES (Mesa Technical)

HABS/HAER/HALS  Archival Large Format Photography and Geoarchaeology; Geomorphology
HABS/HAER/HALS Archival Large Format Photography

Geoarchaeological Soil Studies and Geomorphology

David G. De Vries (Principal, Mesa Technical)
2630 Hilgard, Berkeley, CA 94709-1002
Email: dgdv@earthlink.net
Telephone: 510-845-7830

WARD HILL (Principal Architectural Historian) Resume

M.A. Architectural History from the University of Virginia

Ward Hill has been active in architectural history and historic building restoration in Northern California for over thirty years. He has a M.A. Architectural History from the University of Virginia with an emphasis in American Architecture and Historic Preservation.  Mr. Hill has worked as the Technical Assistance Director for the Foundation for San Francisco's Architectural Heritage and as an architectural historian for the San Francisco architecture/planning firm, Page & Turnbull. Since 1990, Mr. Hill has been the principal in his own consulting firm specializing in preparing historic architecture assessments for environmental impact reports. In his work as an architectural historian, Mr. Hill has completed over a hundred historic architecture reports under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Mr. Hill has been the President of the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians since 2004 (http://nccsah.org/) and he is a co-author of the Architectural Guidebook to San Francisco and the Bay Area (Gibbs Smith, 2007).  


MSc. Archaeological Science, University of Bradford, United Kingdom
(16 years with firm)
Archaeologist/Physical Anthropologist

31 years of experience in cultural resource assessment/management, archaeology and NEPA and CEQA regulatory compliance.  Ms. Marshall is an experienced archaeologist and physical anthropologist with expertise in both New and Old World Archaeology.  Areas of expertise include excavation and post-excavation analyses of mortuary data and human osteological remains.  She presently serves as a Staff Archaeologist, Assistant Physical Anthropologist, and Assistant Technical Writer.  She has participated in numerous large- and small-scale inventories, site testing programs, archaeological monitoring, and data recovery projects in California, England, and Italy.  In addition to her Basin Research Associates position, Christine is the Project Coordinator, Supervisor, and Principle Anthropologist for the Post-New Kingdom cemetery excavation at Dahshur, Egypt (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and Principle Physical Anthropologist of the Facility of Archaeological Research at Helwan, Egypt.

Ms. Marshall has contributed to over 40 reports and manuscripts including site assessments, field inventories and evaluations, and osteology reports.  Ms. Marshall’s research interests span the disciplines of archaeology and physical anthropology, and include site deposition, taphonomy, human osteology, funerary archaeology, and paleopathology with an emphasis in deliberate trauma.


M.S. Geology, San Jose State University
California Professional Geologist License (License No. 8432)

Mr. Walker has over twenty years of geological work experience which includes USGS field and laboratory work as a geologist, paleontologist, hydrologist and geochemist.  Paleontological experience includes management of large paleontological monitoring and salvage projects.  Mr. Walker has done considerable work mapping the surficial deposits in the Central Valley.  Mr. Walker has experience in the writing and reviewing of Paleontological assessments and mitigation plans under CEQA and NEPA guidelines. Mr. Walker has extensive experience developing and managing spatial databases for scientific projects.  Mr. Walker has a working relationship with several museums including the University of California Museum of Paleontology and is an adjunct Professor at DVC.